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Material Design & Application Research Laboratory

Promotes the development of environmental / energy materials via new function creation using structural design

Ferro & Picosystem Research Laboratory

Engages in advanced research into micro-systems and magnetic applications that will contribute to future society

New Functional Materials Research Laboratory

Develops functional materials based on synthesis, interface control, and molding technology, etc.

Energy Conversion Research Laboratory
(Secondary batteries & Capacitors)

Secondary batteries / next-generation batteries / capacitors & materials / devices, and system development support

New Energy Device R&D Laboratory

Contributes to R&D into everything from fuel cell elements to systems using a consistent research system

Electrochemical Device Research Laboratory

Advances R&D into electrochemical devices and components, centered on PEFC

Environment and Chemical Process Research Laboratory

Carries out scaled-up research and business feasibility studies, etc. from an engineering point of view

Biosensing Technology Research Laboratory

Provides one-stop support for microorganism evaluation / function analysis / process improvement

Analysis Research Center

Resolves issues via material chemical analysis, evaluation testing & data analysis, and IOT

Advanced Technology Research Department

Supports R&D and commercialization, such as new theme searches and needs studies, with a focus on technical studies

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