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Energy Conversion Research Laboratory

  • 2019.12.08 Click here for the video introduced by Dr. Akira Yoshino in Nobel Lecture.
The development of electrical storage technology brings about major revolution in the energy system.
Our laboratory will continue to contribute to the advancement of energy and environmental technology.

We offer development assistance for investigation, research and development, evaluation, analysis and prototyping, catering to the diverse needs of our clients through our coherent development structure that covers everything from material technologies to system technologies on Secondary batteries & Capacitors.

Aiming for a new society brought by the energy revolution (ET revolution)

With the 20th anniversary of founding our Laboratory, we discuss future ways of storing electrical energy storage systems, and we begin activities to realize challenges leading to realization and development direction, based on the concept of "energy revolution brought by batteries,” “AIEV” advocated by KRI executive advisor, Dr. Akira Yoshino.

Future society image supervised by Dr. Yoshino 〜Energy changes〜 “ET revolution brings a new society”

“ ET revolution brings a new society ” which predicted and visualized the future society that overturns the conventional values is released. Based on the concept of AIEV (Next Generation Electric Vehicle) proposed by Dr. Akira Yoshino who is our executive adviser, KRI will concretize the direction of development of lithium-ion batteries, capacitors, etc. and contribute to solving energy and environmental issues.

This video was released at the ceremony on the 8th of December, 2019 during the Novel Lecture given by Dr. Yoshino.
In commemoration of the event, we release the English version of the video on the day of the ceremony.

Energy Conversion Research Laboratory

The Energy Conversion Research Laboratory has a coherent development structure that covers a wide range of topics in the advanced technology field related to batteries and capacitors (electrical energy storage devices). These topics include technological development for positive and negative electrode materials; the development of electrical energy storage devices; all kinds of evaluations and analyses; and the development of module and system technologies. We contribute to the development of advanced technologies by combining the technologies that we have already developed with the most advanced material technology, secondary battery evaluation technology, and all other technologies including mechanical engineering and electronics.

All the research workers in the Energy Conversion Research Laboratory strive to improve their skills to offer quick, accurate, and high-quality services (contract services for research and development, evaluation research, evaluation analyses, prototyping of electrodes and devices, and marketing) that meet clients’ diverse needs and to flexibly respond to rapidly changing market trends. We have concluded about 700 contract projects under which we provided our services to clients including repeated discussions of problems and the future direction of development, workshops, and distribution of technological information through exhibitions.

Also, we have established a company-wide interdisciplinary service system called our “one-stop service for electrical energy storage devices” to enable us to get new clients and cope with interdisciplinary subjects requiring specialists in multiple fields.

Battery Evaluation and Analysis Laboratory

Battery Evaluation and Analysis Laboratory approaches from the aspect of “devices / systems.”

Main research themes

  • ・Development of new devices (including design and prototyping)
  • ・Development of advanced safety evaluation methods
  • ・Assistance with module and system development
  • ・Development of safety element technology
  • ・Battery life estimation technology, deterioration mechanism analysis
  • ・Control method aimed at “longer battery life“ and “safer“

Advanced Battery and Capacitor Laboratory

Advanced Battery and Capacitor Laboratory approaches from materials, components and electrodes for solving development problems five years from now.

Main research themes

  • ・Composite materials
  • ・Technologies to reduce resistance
  • ・Development of advanced evaluation methods
  • ・Pre-doping technology
  • ・Electrode formation technology
  • ・Component development / evaluation and analysis aimed at inhomogeneous reaction of electrode
  • ・Resistance analysis
  • ・Capacitor related development

Next-generation Batteries Laboratory

Next-generation Batteries Laboratory explores possibilities for practical application that creates "dream storage technology" and searches for new materials using AI.

Main research themes

  • ・Research on next-generation active materials, solid electrolyte battery, molten salts, post-LIB, etc.
  • ・Acceleration of development by material design and function prediction making full use of machine learning

One-stop Service for Electrical Energy Storage Devices(Contact: Energy Conversion Research Laboratory)

KRI One-stop Service for Electrical Energy Storage Devices offers quick, accurate and high quality service, catering to the diverse needs of our clients and rapidly changing market trends through our coherent development structure that covers everything from “material technologies to system technologies” and “research and development, evaluation and analysis.”