We contribute to the development of industrial technology via contract research that resolves problems related to technology.

KRI's business purpose is to resolve clients' troubles using the high-level technical capabilities of our researchers. We provide services that cover a wide range of technology fields including analysis, measurement and evaluation, surveys and consulting, but the key characteristic of KRI is that we offer "contract research," which does not only propose the solution of technical problems but also presents its experimental verification to proceed the clientfs R & D actually.

KRI was founded in February of 1987 on a 100% investment from Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. modeled after SRI in the US as the first private company in Japan to possess the researchers and research equipment for pursuing the business of contract research. The company was initially oriented toward state-of-the-art science and technology research. However, when the nature of corporate R&D changed dramatically with the collapse of the bubble economy leading to demands for research efficiency, we discovered we could play a role complementing research that was difficult for customers to implement in house, and have refined our knowhow in that area. The essence of KRIfs business is thoroughly responding to customer technical needs. As a result, while contract research organizations, such as SRI, depend primarily on public funding from the government, etc., KRI established an independent contract research business built solely on contracted project fees from private company based on the trust of the customers. Thanks to the support of our customers, we were able to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its founding in 2017.

At KRI, highly experienced researchers possessing high-level technical and problem solving capabilities cultivated by responding to the technical needs of clients propose and verify optimal solutions to our clients' issues. Our researchers have expertise in various fields of science centered on chemistry technology, and can support clients in solving technical problems at all stages from research planning and seed searching to new material development and application, mass-production process design and production cost calculation toward commercialization, and trouble analysis after market-in as well as quality control. Based on the two main principles of gstrict confidentialityh and that gresults belong to the clients,h KRI is confident in rewarding clients' trust by conducting their closed-strategy R&D.
Going forward, we will continue to contribute to the success of the clientsf business and the development of industrial technology by resolving technical problems via contract research based on the relationships of trust with the clients.

Representative Director, Doctor of Engineering
Takeshi Tabata