With KRI’s own technology and a wide range of expertise, we provide services to resolve technical problems at wide range of the client’s business stage from strategy planning, research and development, to marketing and commercialization, production and quality control, and so on.

Scope of services

  • Market research
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Patent analytical investigations
  • Creation of new materials
  • Material function improvements
  • Device materials and structure creation
  • Analyses and evaluations
  • Process designs
  • System designs
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Simulations
  • Trouble cause investigation
  • Product research and development
    (prototyping, safety evaluations, etc.)
  • Commercialization support

Expertise, Interpersonal networking

  • Analytic capabilities
  • Useful proposals
  • Flexibility
  • Deployment capabilities

KRI’s own technology

Basic technologies

Materials with new functionalities
  • ・Organic synthesis
  • ・Inorganic synthesis
  • ・Organic and inorganic hybridization
  • ・Sol-gel
  • ・Nano particle synthesis
  • ・Nano cluster synthesis
  • ・Utilization of nano carbon
  • ・Magnetic materials
  • ・Material design via computational science
  • ・Materials informatics
Structural and shape controlling
  • ・Ultrafine particles formation
  • ・Fibers formation
  • ・Thin film formation and coatings
  • ・Encapsulation
  • ・Distribution and control
  • ・Chemical modification of particle surface
  • ・Microfabrication and precision machining
  • ・Resin molding processes
Devices and systems
  • ・Batteries and capacitors
  • ・Electrode creation
  • ・Utilization of light
  • ・Utilization of magnet
  • ・Solid catalysts
  • ・Sensors
  • ・Chemical and bio processes
  • ・Process design and engineering
  • ・Simulations
  • ・Micro electromechanical systems(MEMS)
Investigations and consulting
  • ・Technical trend and market research
  • ・Patent- and literature- related investigations/research
  • ・New project planning and theme brainstorming
  • ・Evaluation of commercialization potential
Analysis and evaluations
    • ・Structural and state analyses
    • ・Composition analysis and mapping
    • ・Environmental analysis
    • ・Light and electromagnetic wave characteristic analyses
    • ・Life expectancy forecasting and safety evaluation
    • ・Fluid and network analysis
    • ・Gene analysis
    • ・Thermal properties evaluation
    • ・Electrochemical analysis
    • ・Assessments pertaining to electricity generating and storage devices
    • ・Electrical and electronic property analyses
    • ・Magnetic property analyses
    • ・Bioassay

Fields of application examples

Materials and devices
  • ・Battery materials (active materials, electrode materials, electrolyte materials)
  • ・Eco materials (biodegradable materials, waste utilization, materials derived from natural products)
  • ・Mobility materials (anti-fouling and surface treatments, high-strength lightweight materials, vibration damping materials, electromagnetic wave control materials)
  • ・Heat management materials (thermal insulation, heat storage, thermally conductive resins)
  • ・Optoelectronic materials (displays, quantum dots, luminescent and fluorescent materials, flexible materials)
  • ・High function materials (electron-conductive materials, foamed materials, separation materials, pharmaceutical ingredients, pigments, toners)
  • ・IoT devices (various sensors [piezoelectric, thermoelectric, gas, magnetic, etc.] and low-power-consumption devices)
  • ・Biochips
Energy and environment
  • ・Fuel cells (SOFC, PEFC, new type FC)
  • ・Rechargeable batteries (LiB, capacitors, solid state batteries)
  • ・Hydrogen and bio fuels
  • ・Exhaust gas purification, reformation and combustion catalysts
  • ・Water treatment processes
  • ・CO₂ separation and recovery processes
  • ・Air cleaning and soil reformation systems
  • ・Energy saving systems