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What is
contract research?
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Features of KRI Contract Research

You can outsource R&D under the same conditions as you conduct in-house R&D.

Outcomes belong to clients

All outcomes / inventions obtained through research and surveys belong to the clients.
* In some cases, KRI may file a joint application according to the conditions of the agreement.

Strict confidentiality

Strict confidentiality of information obtained is highly maintained before, during and after the completion of the contract research project, including information disclosed by clients.

We propose and verify appropriate solutions to clients' technological difficulties.

Highly experienced researchers

Researchers with various backgrounds and experience mainly in the chemistry field propose, test and verify solutions optimal to clientfs needs and goals.

Full complement of research facilities / equipment

We install a full complement of experimental equipment concerning material preparation, device prototyping, analysis and evaluation required to implement experimental verification for various clientsf need. We also have partners to support us with further experimental facilities, and so we can also utilize them, if necessary.

Give KRI a try when:

  • * You want to start research right away and you want results fast
  • * You lack the in-house experts and equipment needed to resolve technical issues
  • * You find the risks are too high to secure the research equipment and researchers needed to start brand new research themes
  • * You cannot find a way to effective solutions to technical troubles
  • * You need to find a breakthrough in in-house R&D by new idea or technology outside.
Proof of Trust (Testimonials)

Proof of Trust (Testimonials)

Our executive advisers from industry and academia introduce KRI and our performance.


With KRIfs own technology and a wide range of expertise, we provide services to resolve technical problems at wide range of the clientfs business stage from strategy planning, research and development, to marketing and commercialization, production and quality control, and so on.
Outline of Contract Research

Outline of Contract Research

To address a wide range of clientfs needs, we offer gneeds driven proposalsh tailored to solve specific problems that the client faces to, and also make gseeds driven proposalsh of new technology development for client based on KRIfs know-how or patents.